About the Company

About the Company

Limited liability company "TESEY" was established in 1992. At present it is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of temperature measuring tools - thermocouples, resistance thermocouples and thermowells for installation at site. High potential and advance of the company is due to science and technical traditions of Obninsk town, which is the first science town of Russia, and homeland of the first nuclear power plant in the world.

There are 12 research institutes working in nuclear power, space, aviation, radiation material science, meteorology, geophysics, nuclear medicine and other scientific areas that are located in our town with a population of about 118 thousand.

Our range of products includes more than 100 design modifications of various type thermocouples, more than 30 modifications of resistance thermocouples, reference thermocouples, and 15 modifications of thermowells. In 2021 our yield exceeded 115 thousand products. It is one of the best values among Russian manufacturers. Our products are supplied to more than 1500 customers from almost all regions of Russia, and also customers from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic and China.

Distinctive feature of our thermal transmitters is the use of cable thermocouple as a thermal-sensing element. Thermocouple production technique, which was developed for nuclear industry, was adapted to general-purpose industrial thermocouple by our specialists. Many years of operation in the field of measurement tools proved that this up-to-date sensor has several apparent technical and performance advantages as compared to wire thermocouples. This fact is confirmed by continuous increase of cable thermocouple yield. PC TESEY produces the widest range of cable thermocouples in the Russian Federation and supports world standard quality, because our company specialized exclusively in cable thermocouples from the moment of establishment. For many years our company was the only domestic manufacturer of this product type on industrial scale.

Unparalleled techniques and annealing conditions are used to improve reliability and operating resources of copper resistance thermometers. For platinum resistance thermometers production we use foreign up-to-date film calibration elements 50P, 100P, Pt100, Pt500. These elements have perfect metrological stability and several technological advantages as compared to wire sensing elements.

Our company regularly offers new product types and sensors with improved performance specifications.

Since June 2014 we produce thermocouples and resistance thermocouples with calibration interval up to 5 years!  Guarantee period of these sensors was also prolonged up to 5 years!

Product range was extended by sensors in explosion-proof version Ехd. Operating temperature range of this sensor and other sensor versions was extended up to -60°С, operating temperature range of sensors with installed measuring transmitters (TT) - up to -55°С.

We offer thermocouples of enhanced accuracy class – 0, which confines NSC deviation range as compared to the 1st class. Permissible intrinsic error limit of thermocouple with measuring transmitter is reduced up to 0,25% taking into account support junction temperature compensation error, and of resistance thermocouple with measuring transmitter - up to 0,05%.

For the first time, among similar products, metrological characteristics drift during calibration interval was set, that results in increase of temperature measurement reliability.

Thermowells made of Monel, Hastelloy and Inconel became available. Range of design versions was substantially extended, new modifications 014, 114, 024, 026, 124 appeared.

These days PC TESEY is a fast-growth company. It has own up-to-date production facilities and arrangements for science and technical research. PC TESEY metrological laboratory was certified, and has a right to carry out initial and periodical certification of measuring tools. The laboratory is equipped with the state-of-the-art and unique metrological equipment. All sensors are subject to obligatory initial calibration after production.

As the manufacturing company, PC TESEY actively participates in domestic temperature measurement science development, supports relationships with the leading metrological and design institutes of Russia, develops new sensor designs, calibration methods and production techniques on its own. The company owns 11 patents for invention and 25 utility model patents, that protect company's copyright of unparalleled thermocouple and thermowell design.

PC TESEY representatives are members of committee "Temperature, thermophysical and dilatometric measurements" of Metrological department of the Federal technical regulation and metrology agency and are also members of metrological committee of the research council on complex problem "Thermophysics and thermal engineering" of the Russian Academy of Science.   Company's specialists are members of the Russian expert group established in 2005 at the initiative of FGUP "VNIIM named after D.I.Mendeleev" for participation in TK65V/RG5 subpanel of International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC), which develops temperature measurement standards.

In 2009 our company became a member of ASTM International (ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials). Now we participate in E20 Committee for temperature measurements.

Every year our leading specialists take part in two or three Russian and international conferences, give several research and practice seminars, publish articles in scientific and technical journals. For example, our specialists were fully engaged in arrangement and holding of research and practice conference "Temperature" in 2001, 2004, 2007, and 2001 (Podolsk, Obninsk, Saint-Petersburg), delivered reports at international conference on temperature changes in Beijing "TEMPBEIJING 2008", at temperature measurement symposium "ITS-9" in Los Angeles in 2012, at symposium on temperature and thermophysical measurements in industry and science "TEMPMEKO - 2013".

In general for 30 years of company's operation we have published about 30 articles in leading scientific and technical journals. All articles were always devoted to the most upcoming trends in practical contact temperature measurement. Twice, in 2003 and 2004, a review "Thermoelectric temperature sensors. Theory, practice, development" was published. Total circulation was 2000 copies. This work also draws interest nowadays.

In 2010 our employee successfully defended master's thesis in FGUP "All-Russian research institute of metrology named after D.I. Mendeleev" on the subject of "Thermoelectric non-uniformity influence on temperature measurement accuracy by means of thermocouples". Actual work results are represented by 21.x series of thermocouples and CRTNN reference thermocouples.

For integration in world economy, the manufacturer should not only provide high quality of the finished goods, but also implement production management system, which corresponds to international standards. In 2004 quality management system (QMS) developed and implemented in PC TESEY was certified by experts of the "Russian Register" Association. "Russian Register" is the member of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) and equal partner of the International Certification Network IQNet, which joins leading management system certification bodies in 33 countries of the world. The "Russian Register" Association also owns an international certificate recognized by International Accreditation Forum (IAF), which joins more than 70 leading certification bodies from 53 countries. Certificates of the "Russian Register" Association and International certification network IQNet confirm compliance of quality management system of PC TESEY to requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2015 (as opposed to the national standard GOST R ISO 9001:2015, which acts only in the territory of the RF) and have high level of consumers' credibility. We experienced this many times during operation with our foreign partners.

We hope that you will be interested in our products, and you will want to test it in operation. If you have already appreciated our products, you can continue mutually beneficial cooperation and thus solve the problem of manufacture equipping with up-to-date reliable temperature measuring tools.



 At the time of thermocouple order we recommend to specify temperature range, medium composition and other specific operating parameters so that we could satisfy your needs as best as we can.

We are ready to produce thermocouple of any design and type according to working drawings or layouts of the Customer. Thus we can efficiently solve specific problems of temperature measurement of medium, units and components. By agreement with the Customer mounting elements can be changed, if it is required by thermocouple installation conditions. However during statement of a problem it is necessary to take into account whether the product relates to the goods covered by certificates of conformity and tools type approval certificates.

PC TESEY reserves the right to modify design and change material of separate components without prior agreement, if it is required by manufacturing process and does not affect product quality and performance specification.



 Delivery time - 5 to 60 working days depending on order volume and assortment. Orders paid in advance and orders of "reliable" or "regular" customers have higher priority.

Products are delivered by freight forwarding companys, express delivery company, parcels of special dispatch service of the RF, railway containers, or motor vehicles of the manufacturer.

At the customer's request, outward manifest for products export out of the Russian Federation and certificate of origin CT-1 are prepared.

100% of thermocouples pass initial calibration after production. Thermocouple calibration is confirmed by decal of verification officer in product passport or standard certificate.

Product replacement under warranty is carried out on the basis and in compliance with the procedure established in certificate and operation manual.