Thermowell and sensor mounting gaskets, flanged fasteners.

Thermowell and sensor mounting gaskets, flanged fasteners.

If requested by customers, products of PC TESEY can be equipped with gaskets and fasteners. List of components is given below. On request of the Customer the list can be expanded.
Flange thermowell is equipped not only with counter flange ЮНКЖ 037 (page 10-2), but also with flanged fasteners set and corresponding gaskets. Screw-in sleeves can be equipped with copper sealing gaskets of corresponding dimensions.

  • Oval and octangular metal gaskets are used for flange coupling sealing of fittings, pipelines, flange vessels and units pumps, and other chemical, oil-extracting, oil-refining and other industrial equipment with mounting surfaces, version 7 according to GOST12815-80. They allow to seal joints at high pressure РN from 6,3 to 16 MPa and temperature
    -70°C to +600 °С.Implementation materials: steel 08cl, steel 08Cr13 (S 410), 08Cr18Ni10Т (S 321), 03Cr17Ni13М2 (S 316).

  • Spiral-wound gaskets are designed for sealing of flat flange joints, male-to-female joints of pipelines, fittings, units, vessels, pumps and similar equipment used in oil-refining, gas-processing, metallurgy, chemical and other industries, and also for power complex equipment.

SWG is used as a sealing for flange joint with 10 - 3000 mm diameter, under operating medium temperature from -196°С  to +1000°С and pressure up to 25 MPa. SWG is manufacture in compliance with common international standards: OST 26.260.454-99, GOST R 52376, ASME B16.20

  • Copper sealing gaskets are used for sealing between screw-in sleeve and mounting surface on the site, and for thermocouple sealing inside thermowell. Material: copper M1. Gaskets are supplied unannealed. Before installation they should be annealed at temperature 600°С. Copper gaskets are used at temperature -253°С  to +250°С

  • Flanged fasteners set contains: pins according to GOST 9066, two nuts according to GOST 9064 per each pin, and two washers according to GOST 9065 per each pin. Number of pins corresponds to number of mounting holes of the relevant flange.

set for operation under temperature up to +510°С pin  - steel 25Х1MF, nuts - steel 30HMA, washers - steel 15HM;
set for operation under temperature up to +425°С: pin - steel 35H, nuts - steel 35, washers - steel 15HMA.

Technical characteristics
Examples of product designation

Flanged fasteners set 1,6-50-St35H ¾fasteners for UNKJ thermowell 019.02-1,6-50-С10-20-400, pin - steel 35H, nuts - steel 35, washers - steel 15HMA.
Copper sealing gasket for UNKJ thermowell 016.33-С10-500
Copper sealing gasket for CTK thermocouple 01.10-020-k1-U-С10-10-320
Armco flange ring 10-50-С10 ¾oval gasket for UNKJ flange 037.07-10-50.
Flange gasket SNP-А-2-3-100-16 ¾spiral-wound gasket, type А (without retaining rings) for flange version 2 ¾3, DN=100 mm, PN=16 kgf/cm2 (1,6 MPa).