Double-channel temperature meter HH506RA

Double-channel temperature meter HH506RA

Double-channel temperature meter has the following advantages:

  • Temperature measurement in two independent channels;
  • 7 thermocouple types support;
  • Resolution 0.1°С;
  • Data storage in built-in memory;
  • Three-section illuminated display;
  • moisture- and dust-proof case;
  • The meter is supplied with software and computer connecting cable.

The meter allows simultaneous indication of two channels, and difference between values. Average, maximum and minimum measured values for every channel can be displayed in record mode.

Thermocouples are connected to the meter by means of thermocouple miniature connectors that correspond to ASTM E1684. You can order  АТх thermocouple adapters with miniature connectors. For further details see page 12-6
The meter is included in the Register of measuring equipment. Measurement expanded uncertainty does not exceed values stated in performance specification (see table).

TESEY company recommends to use this instrument together with 04.x series thermocouple probes, and also for 21.x series thermocouple calibration without dismantling. Instrument precision allows to calibrate within uncertainty limits established by MI 3091-07 method.

Technical characteristics


Measurement range, ºС


-200 to 1370


-210 to 1210


-200 to 400


-210 to 1000


0 to 1767


0 to 1767


-50 to 1300

Error limits


Measurement range, ºС

Limit main measurement 
error, °C

K, J, T, E

-50 to 1370


-50 to -210



-50 to 0


0 to 1300


R, S

0 to 1767


where t – measured temperature value.

Operating conditions temperature – 0°C to 50°C; relative humidity – not more than 80%
Battery type 9V battery
Moisture and dirt protection degree IP65