Nipple UNKJ 032

The nipple is designed for sensor terminal head removal out of increased temperature area, and also for sensor installation, which probe length exceeds thermowell insertion length.
Nipple can be used with any thermowell designed for installation of sensor with connection thread.
Nipple material is steel 12Cr18Ni10Т (S10), as a rule. Welded structure.
Nipple mounting length (L) is a difference between thermocouple probe length (LTC), which is put into thermowell, and thermowell insertion length (LT):
L = LTC – LT.

Technical characteristics

Note.Can be used as an adapter. Minimum length L=40mm

Examples of product designation

UNKJ 032.М.N - S10 - L,
where М – nipple outer connecting thread, N – inner thread for thermocouple mounting, S10 – nipple material - steel 12Cr18Ni10Т, L – nipple mounting length.
UNKJ 032.М20.М20-S10-200 ¾ nipple with outer and inner connecting thread: М20х1,5, steel 12Cr18Ni10Т (С10), mounting length L=200 mm.